Traveling with family is one of the best experiences. You know that you can live with your family, but you get to know your family even more when you get to travel with them. My sisters came last year and Randy’s family has got the chance this summer to travel with us for three weeks! We’re traveling in Vietnam for a week, Cambodia for a few days and Malaysia. They’re going on for a few more weeks before they go back to the US.

We’re lucky to be able to bond with our family through traveling. As American families, our bonding time is usually around the television. When I was kid, we had a two-bedroom house and my two other sisters and I shared a room. We had one TV in the living room and we were so excited when our mom won a drawing at work. The prize was a 24-inch Sharp Television! We used that TV all the way through our college years.

On September 15th, Sharp will celebrate its 100th Anniversary and will continue to make high-quality, creative products for our memories throughout another 100 years. We’re honored to write about our memories of Sharp because for every AQUOS TV purchased, they will make a contribution to support health programs and vaccinations to the children around the world.

Sharp's 100th Anniversary

From now until September 15th, share your memories about Sharp’s Anniversary and take part in the “My Sharp Our Future” Campaign for a chance to win a trip to the USA! How?

1. Choose your most memorable photo or video.
2. Write a short message about your most memorable moment.
3. Upload your memory to Sharp’s 100th Anniversary Web site.

Winners will be announced on October 15, 2012. The winning two pairs (four people) will win a FREE trip to the West Coast USA. The top five pictures and videos will receive Sharp products. Sharp will also create a film of all of the photos and videos.

Click here to submit your photo or video today! Thanks Sharp for a memorable first 100 years.