We will never forget our five-story house with a panoramic view of Saigon. GREAT TIMES! Everyone who came and visited our house loved to listen us say Tran Van Dang to the taxi. We had our first Christmas turkey dinner on our rooftop. We had many great nights drinking Saigon Do bia (beer) and great conversations with all of our friends. We will miss the small narrow alleyways and the bakery that sold us freshly baked baguettes for 2,000 VND ($0.10 USD). District 3 is an exciting place if you want to experience good food, hang with the locals and take in a lively part of town. We will miss our neighbors and friends out there. We decided to experience a different part of the city in Tan Binh District, which is not to far from District 3. So we can visit anytime. It was never a dull night at 79/11/5 Tran Van Dang, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City.

Panorama of Saigon


  1. Hiếu 6 years ago

    Oh! you must be waiting for new year’s huh …. unless you’re now in America . Mr Christ just going back to his home so must be somebody will take his place

  2. Tomo 6 years ago

    That was a nice house. Five stories would be a damn mansion in much of the world, here it’s just a house. Nice central (relatively) location too, right by my new office.