I have always been fascinated with traditional medicine. Ever since I was a little boy, my mother has always mixed up an all-natural medical remedy when I had a fever or sore throat. She used things like lemongrass, ginger, lime and honey. I realize now that traditional medicine has always been apart of my life and now, I do it myself. Since moving to Asia I have been practicing more forms of traditional medicine. I have experienced a hot stone massage in different countries. It’s a revitalizing massage that gives you energy. In a small Vietnamese shop, I experienced what is known as cupping. This is used for blood circulation and removes the negative energy and replaces it with positive. They use glass cups and heat it with fire and place it on your back for 30 minutes or an hour. Currently, I am in search of a trustworthy place that does acupuncture. I think I am up for the challenge of having 50 sharp needles in my back.

Sore Throat Fix
3 Limes
1½ teaspoons of honey

Make sure the limes are soft and squeeze the juice into a cup. Mix it with honey. This will help you with your sore throat! Thanks mom, for this remedy that I still use today.

Cupping, a form of accupuncture


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    Please share your home remedies!