Vietnam has plenty of short trips in the South. We’ve tried to take advantage of living in the South and the many daytrips in the Mekong and along the coast. As stated in another post, we’ve had tons of visitors and when we have time, we like to travel Vietnam with our friends. Our next trip was to Ho Coc Beach and Binh Chau Hot Springs with Mike and Val.

Binh Chau is about 145 km southeast of Saigon. We decided to take a shorter route that one of our friends had suggested. We started off in Saigon and took the hydrofoil boat to Vung Tau, which took 90 minutes compared to the four-hour bus ride. The speedboat tickets are 200,000 VND one-way. When we arrived in Vung Tau, we rented two motorbikes and drove about 75 kilometers along the beautiful coastline. The view was incredible. It was the type of view that you could imagine while driving in Vietnam. The roads were quiet. You could hear the sounds of the waves crashing into the rocks. The road zig zagged through hills and every view was post card worthy.

It was an amazing and relaxing experience until I noticed that the needle on my gas gauge went from full to empty in about two minutes. My bike started to lag until it came to a complete stop. We were stuck in the middle of nowhere! We were headed to the Binh Chau Hot Springs. The time was about 6pm and the sun was setting. No one was around and the closet town was another 5 kilometers away. I wish I could have called AAA but they don’t exist in Vietnam! I told Mike and Val to drive to the nearest town and find help. They left and I decided to push my bike. I must have pushed it for almost a kilometer and I saw Mike with a random Vietnamese guy who saved the day. He helped us get the bike to the next shop by driving Mike’s bike while pushing our bike with his foot! I only had to steer it!

Stranded in Vietnam

The group of guys took apart my rented motorbike and found out that the gas tank had a hole. All of the gas had emptied through that small hole. As they began to work I was really worried about how we would get to the hot springs or back to our hotel. In the matter of seconds, more than 25 locals, including little kids and adults, surrounded us. They were very curious and wanted to see what was going on. I was focused on fixing the problem but Shauna, Mike and Valerie were having a blast. They were playing with and taking pictures with the little kids. Mike even went to the shop and bought 15 pieces of candy and distributed it out to them. Mike and Val had an opportunity to see the true beauty of Vietnam with this experience. One hour later my bike was fixed and I was anticipating paying a lot of money for their services.  They repaired the hole and filled up my tank. The total cost was 200,000 VND ($10 USD). It was worth it. I was very thankful for their help and we continued to Binh Chau hot springs.

Binh Chau hot springs is an amazing place where you can enjoy hot springs and indulge in your body in a mud bath. This trip was unforgettable! It comes to show how Vietnam is so unique. I never thought that we would have been towed on a motorbike in the middle of nowhere. This was a true Vietnam experience and I’m happy that Mike and Val had the chance to join us

Mudbath at Binh Chau Hot Springs