Time after time I have heard a lot of people say that Saigon has no culture. There is a lack of arts and entertainment that exist in this city.  I understand it’s no New York City, which has everything from musicals, to underground bands trying to make a name for themselves. The opera house, puppet show, the War Remnants Museum are all top places where you can find their own culture of Vietnam. But where else can you go?

I do agree that Saigon has a limited selection of museums, theaters, live bands and etc.  With a city that has more than 8 million people, they must have to offer something! After being here for some time, I finally realize that the culture lacks because of the government. Vietnam is a socialist country that has lots of rules that should be followed. People are not allowed to speak out about the government. So what do they do instead? They head out to the cafes and small restaurants. If you want to see the culture Saigon has to offer, start visiting different cafes or small restaurants in the city. You will be amazed. Every place has a different theme. It truly is amazing what this city has to offer. My answer to people who say that Saigon has a lack of culture is that perhaps it is in a different place. That’s my two cents!


  1. Quinn Nguyen 6 years ago

    yup!!….I agree with you…