The first thing that comes to mind when anyone mentions this famous city in Vietnam is custom-made clothing. The minute you enter this town you are bombarded by dozens of stores that want to sell you anything from tailored suits to wedding dresses.

Our friends who recently visited Hoi An said to shop around and choose the best shop where you feel the most comfortable. We did preciously that and started to choose different materials to make our new wardrobe. The colors, materials and patterns are endless. If you can think it, they can make it.

Since we just moved to Vietnam I decided to get some linen pants and shirts made because it will cool me down during the long hot days. I ended up with three linen pants that cost $14USD each. I would pay about three times as much as this back home. I also ended up with five fitted dress linen shirts which went for about $12 USD each. The price for each shirt would run about $40USD back home.

The first thing that you hear when you mention the city Hoi An is “tailored clothes”.  We had some time to walk around the outskirts of town and I really love the super relaxed feeling this city gives off.  If you have any time that you want to relax in Vietnam I would highly recommend stopping off and unwinding in Hoi an. While you’re there you might as well get measured for a new wardrobe.

Sewing Machine in Hoi An


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    Let’s see some of these pieces!