We haven’t explored much of the spa and sauna nature here in Vietnam yet. But we did sign up for a gym membership at Lan Anh Country Club. It’s only about five minutes from our house and has almost everything. They have a nice fitness center with all kinds of aerobic machines as well as a good set of weight training machines and free weights. They also have lots of tennis courts and a nice swimming pool. In addition, they have a restaurant that serves Czech beer! It’s a really nice place especially since it’s in the middle of the city.

But, what makes Lan Anh unique is the steam room. The locker rooms and saunas are nothing compared to what Japan or Korea offer, but the steam room is totally unique. A wooden bucket of lemongrass and ginger fills the air of the steam room to clear any kind of congestion that you get from the pollution. It’s a nice 10-minute break anytime I get the chance.

Customers at Lan Anh include a good mix of foreigners and locals. It’s not as cheap as some gyms that cost about $10 per month. But it’s not as expensive as some gyms that cost about $50 per month. They have lot of different options as to how much you want to go to the gym, if you want it to include the gym and pool or the gym and tennis. Check it out; even it is just for a swim for 25,000 VND for a week day!

Lan Anh Country Club
291 Cach Mang Thang 8 Street
District 10, HCMC
Tel: 08 38 627420