I finally got my SCUBA license! It took three years and a few dives in between, but I was finally confident enough and had enough time to do it. I dove with Coco Dive Center for the second time in Vietnam (the first time was in Phu Quoc). It’s low season here, so the divers from the center in Phu Quoc come to Nha Trang. I got to dive with the same dive instructor in Phu Quoc as I did in Nha Trang! Rudolf is a great dive instructor. He’s from France, but has been living in Vietnam for 10 years. It took me two days instead of three because I did all of the pool dives back in university. It was a great birthday present to myself and only cost $200 USD!

Nha Trang is also known for the best diving in Vietnam. It’s got nothing on the Philippines, but it is still really beautiful. Visibility is 15 meters and the waters were very calm. I actually saw an eel this time! If you ever get the chance to dive, be sure to rent the camera if they have one available. It makes a difference when you can take pictures and have those memories documented.

The beaches in Nha Trang are just as beautiful. It stretches along the South China Sea and has a large beach area where locals play soccer (football) and volleyball. During the hottest part of the day, tourists soak up the sun, but during dawn and dusk, locals come with their families to enjoy the water, exercise and play in the white sand.

Nha Trang is definitely one of the best beaches in Vietnam and most definitely has the best SCUBA diving options. We were there during low season (September), but I’ve read that in the high season (December to March) the party scene blows up. It’s much more developed than Phu Quoc Island, but still has its pristine waters and quieter side to the beach life.

Nha Trang, Vietnam