Rustic yet Charming

June 22, 2010 | Author: Shauna Vo
Krystal Lodge was the perfect place for two travelers who wanted a unique experience in the Philippines, Coron Island in Palawan to be exact. Sandra researched a place to stay and found Krystal Lodge, a unique hut that seems like it floats on water. The whole lodge is made entirely of bamboo, from the floor, bed frame, to the ceiling. It’s amazing how strong this wooden stem is. It was scary walking to the lodge because of the cracks and movable wooden sidewalk. But, kids played around the hut and ran as fast as they could on the creaky sidewalk. They weren’t scared at all. We just had to be very careful not to let anything slide through the crack and into the water beneath us.

The rooms seem like it would be hot and mosquitoes would eat you up, however, at night it was cool. The bedrooms are accommodated with a fan and a mosquito net. The huts have running water, but the water that you use goes straight down into the water below. There’s not really hot water, but being in the scorching summer heat in the Philippines, you’ll want cold water anyway. Like I said, this was a pretty rustic place.

The owners and people made the stay even more enjoyable. It’s a family-owned operation with the nicest family you’ll ever meet. If you decide to go to Coron Island, Palawan, I highly recommend to stay here. We paid about 800 pesos per night. It’s about 100 meters before you reach Sea Dive Resort, which is a popular resort on this small island. Krystal Lodge is in one of the many alley ways, so I hope the video below helps! Enjoy!

Crystal Lodge (Krystal Lodge)
Coron Town, Busuanga, Palawan
Phone: (02) 4536343
Mobile: 09284108074

Krystal Lodge, Coron, Palawan from Shauna Vo on Vimeo.


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